Family update | The year of chaos

Mar 7, 2018

Our lives have changed drastically since beautiful Colette Josephine (C0co) joined this crazy show in January. We are over the top in love with her (it may or may not be because she sleeps). She has a sweet and calm countenance that has been a perfect ying to Rowan’s dramatic and curious toddler-y yang.

I’m thankful that I gave birth a bit removed from wedding season this go round. After Rowan was born I only had about 3 weeks to recover from surgery and get used to mom-ing before I was shooting our first wedding of the season. I’ve been very thankful for this down time. Adjusting to life with two is a big enough task, so the past few weeks I’ve been slowly dipping my toe back into the business. I’ve been taking the time to relearn how to do my job well with not one, but two humans needing my attention on the daily (let’s be real, every moment).

I took some time last weekend when a good friend of mine was in town, (thank you Pal, you’re the real MVP) to have her document a bit of our day to day. These are what came of it. The first half of my day looks more or less like this, almost every day during the week. (Barrett works full time M-F if you didn’t know, so it’s just me and the kids during the week.) I’m so in love with these moments. They aren’t perfect. I have more makeup on than I normally do but less than when I’m actually trying. Rowan and Colette are both in pjs of some persuasion. Our house isn’t even close to being clean and it’s not decorated because we still haven’t gotten our feet under us from moving here in October. Our sweet cat and/or her tail makes it into most of these pictures because she’s loyal, regardless of what Ro may or may not do to her on the daily.  Moments not shown due to time;  the battle royal at naptime, me in a state of undress as I try to nurse Colette while chasing Rowan, the moments I give up completely and put on Trolls and the mad dash I make for the shower and solace of our bedroom for 20 minutes as I shuttle-pass the kids to Barrett on his way in the door from work.

Balance. If you follow any other entrepreneurs on social media or otherwise, especially moms, that’s the word they throw around a lot. An attempt to find it, embrace it, define it. Full transparency on my end, trying to put it in a box and gain control of it takes way more energy than I have. So I’m letting go of it this year. This year will be the year of chaos. A beautiful chaos. We’re gonna laugh a lot, play a lot, photograph beautiful moments for ourselves and our clients, forget to text back friends sometimes, enjoy our friends milestones, take some chances, travel, continue to not sleep, probably mess up a bit and kick ass a bit. It won’t be balanced. It will be chaotic, because that’s what it is to have both a career and family. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. Lucy says:

    These photos are so, so sweet! I wish more of us were comfortable admitting that even in our sweetest moments we have simultaneous chaos haha. I know that’s certainly the case for us- and we only have 1 baby right now! Thanks for sharing and your family and home are beautiful!!! XOXO

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