Julia and Albert | Elopement

Mar 8, 2018

I absolutely loved our wedding, it was way more than I could have ever dreamed of. However, if I were to do it again (I’d keep the groom) but  I would do it exactly like Julia and Albert did. They decided to elope. No one knew when it was happening except our team of vendors and two of their friends. They were married in a spot that meant a lot to them both, shared personalized vows, danced their first dance while their friend strummed on the guitar beside them and then met their closest family and friends for a surprise reception. It was so perfect and so them. It was so easy to focus on their connection and love without any distraction at all. There are things I love about all types of weddings, but I really got filled back up with these nuptials. I could shoot 100 elopements a year. So if you wanna elope, let me know. Bonus points if it’s in, like, Greece. XO

Hair and Makeup Allison with Pink Lou Lou Design Studio

Coordination: Maggie Heely Weekend Wedding Warrior

Florals: Rose and Honey Floral

Dress: Couture Closet

Reception: The Silver Dollar

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