most people feel like they couldn't live in an epic shot. I like to prove them wrong.

I've known the power of an image since I was young. I fell in love with the larger than life images that sat along side the bold, adventurous, love filled bedtime stories. They took me to other places, and transformed the world for me. I think most people feel like they couldn't live in an epic shot — that it's beyond them or that they'd feel silly doing it. I like to prove them wrong. I strive to give you something that you can look at and be say "Damn! that's me?"

I love when a couple trusts me enough to climb up a cliff or trek through the snow in heels. That trust can look like something else too. It can look like being comfortable enough to take a quiet moment to cry together or the look your mom gives you when they see you. There is epic in the quiet as well.

most people feel like they couldn't live in an epic shot.

I like to prove them wrong.


"My wedding photos look like they are right out of a magazine."


i wear a million hats on a wedding day.

I've done this hundreds of times. I know the places you need space to breathe. I know what images you are likely to print and which you may not look at in 5 years. I know small things can come up unexpectedly, so I manage and anticipate them, so when you look back, all you see is perfection. I wear a million different hats on your wedding day because I know that the less you have to think about the details, the more you can be present. We'll corral the chaos. Your job is just to be yourself. 

i wear a million hats on a wedding day.

just claire, being a little extra.



"instant best friends."

As soon as we confirmed our wedding date, the very next email was to book Claire Marie and Co before any other vendor because of their incredible reputation! Their personalities make them your instant best friends. Dan was very uncomfortable in front of a camera, but they made the entire experience fun which resulted in a lot of relaxed and sexy shots of my new husband.

Having Claire & Barrett with us on our wedding day was the best decision we made during the planning process. Their group management skills kept the entire day on schedule and it's worth trusting their vision. The final product was breathtaking! I'm still swooning over how perfectly beautiful our photos turned out that choosing our favorites to decorate our home has become impossible. 

- Megan & Dan Veil, cincinnati, oh

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"wedding day experts."

Claire Marie and Co serve as more than photographers, they’re like an extension of your wedding party - but wedding day experts. Before my wedding, I was a bridesmaid in several weddings that they shot. I witnessed the way they orchestrate the day with ease and efficiency, while also providing plenty of laughs. So when it was my turn to get married, I knew that I wanted them to capture my moments.

The outcome was not only about the beautiful photos, but also the memory of the day. I have memories of Claire calming my nerves, fixing my hair, and coming up with quick solutions to combat the tropical storm that rolled in just before our ceremony. What makes a wedding photographer extraordinary is their ability to connect with the couple, and cater to their style and personalities without asking the couple to direct themselves. Claire delivers this and more.

- Jena Everhard, playa mujeres, mexico


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"i would hire them again & again."

I have nothing but absolutely wonderful things to say about our entire experience with Claire Marie and Co. Claire was the very first vendor we checked with to confirm availability when planning our wedding because I knew I had to have them and I would hire them again and again! Not only is Claire an amazingly talented photographer, but she goes above and beyond to make sure her clients are relaxed and able to enjoy each moment. When our day got a little off schedule, it was Claire’s expertise that turned our day around. Claire made the day fun and stress free and she is as efficient as they come! Our engagement and wedding pictures are some of our most cherished memories thanks to Claire.

- ann mashni, lexington, ky

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I love that "extra" portrait that makes you say, "WOW, I'm a piece of art, I'm about to hang this right above my fire place." We are inundated with magazine article shots and more than likely, you've pinned one or two of those shots thinking, "That could never be us." Well it could be. 

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