Maribel and Doug

Feb 10, 2018

I’m kicking off this marathon- engagement-pre-Valentine’s Day- blogging with these two. Maribel and Doug are pretty much my ideal couple. Not only because they’re obnoxiously stunning humans but also because they love and laugh so big together and made my job so easy. My goal when I photograph couples is to create an environment of trust and comfort so that they forget that I’m there. These two had absolutely no problem with that.

In the wedding industry there is a lot of emphasis on the “perfect location” for photos. Even I am guilty of getting super giddy about stunning locals and yummy light. Here is what I especially love about this shoot. We desperately wanted gorgeous yummy light. It was overcast the whole time. We were shooting in this stunning nature park, and my favorite images were just them, in front of a green wall. The take away? Strip down the extra stuff and the connection is what is the most important and also what makes the most impactful shot. It’s a wonderful thing to remember, even for me. Hope you lovers love these as much as I do. XO

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