Faith and Jake

Oct 23, 2016

So I know, I know, everyone is just getting used to the leaves changing and I’m throwing some snow at you. But as I’m putting the finishing touches on Faith and Jake’s wedding that we just shot in mid-September, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share their amazing engagement from last winter. This session was arguably one of my favorite memories shooting, ever. Yes we got amazing images, but the experience was the most memorable part. First of all half of central KY was under MASSIVE snow, but Faith and I were far too stubborn to NOT shoot in the snow since we had been patiently waiting for the snow to appear. We didn’t quite expect it to be over a foot, but we weren’t changing our plans complaining. 😉 Even though we probably could have gotten a very similar shoot somewhere closer to, I dunno, a road…we decided to go out to Jake’s family farm. It was pristine and gorgeous and sparkly and the perfect place for a truck to get stuck. So there we are, in the middle of a fairy snow land, trying to dig this this truck out of the snow. Me however many months pregnant, Faith in a evening gown, small dog looking a little panicked in the front seat while we were just digging away while Jake tried to slip floor mats under the tires. We were quite the sight I’m sure, when Jake’s friend rolled up to bail us out. Faith and Jake completely took it in stride and had so much fun with it. I went away being so thankful for clients like them. That’s what we want to do. Adventure, get a little dirty (or wet or cold or whatever it is), explore, laugh and make memories you’ll never forget. XO

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