Maribel and Doug

Feb 10, 2018

I’m kicking off this marathon- engagement-pre-Valentine’s Day- blogging with these two. Maribel and Doug are pretty much my ideal couple. Not only because they’re obnoxiously stunning humans but also because they love and laugh so big together and made my job so easy. My goal when I photograph couples is to create an environment of […]

The beauty of shooting good friends is that you have a much better chance of convincing them of crazy ideas. Originally, Abe and Ann planned on doing their engagement in Kentucky, where they both are from. However, we saw an opportunity to do something a little different when they said they’d be in Charleston, South Carolina […]

These two love birds are tying the knot in March so I figured it was beyond time to blog their fabulous engagement. Sunrise is my favorite and it takes a special kind of client to be up for it, but the light never disappoints. I may be one of the few photographers out there that […]

I’ve been staring at this post for days. As an artist it feels daunting to try and narrow down your “best” of a year of work, the word “best” is so relative. The word has changed quite a bit for me in the last year. There are things that used to have weight that no longer do. […]

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